FRP Open Mesh Grating vs Steel & Aluminium Open Mesh Grating

In an era where the environmental impact of a product holds almost as much importance as its price tag it has become essential to be able to demonstrate the ‘Green’ side of your business in order to secure the confidence of a growing number of potential clients. The comparison between Steel and it’s relatively young rival in the form of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) has been drawn with regards to it physical properties but how does it compare in terms of it’s environmental impact? Here are a few facts for you:

In the production of 100 square foot of material, GRP:

  • Produces 54% less CO2 greenhouse gas than steel
  • Produces 44% less hydron acidification molecules than steel
  • Produces 60% less smog generating nitrogen oxide than steel
  • Uses 56% less energy in production than steel
  • weighs between 40% and 70% less than the equivalent in steel
GRP Open Mesh Grating
GRP Open Mesh Grating

There have, in the past, been doubts over the ability to recycle GRP but it can be ground into small pieces and used in the surface dressings of areas such as car parks. It can also be returned to a powder state and mixed with virgin resin in the production of new GRP products so yes – it can be recycled.

In a nutshell – in a lifecycle comparison GRP once again has the beating of its main rival.

See Link below:

FRP Open Mesh Grating vs Steel & Aluminium Mesh Grating


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