How to make your stairs stand out safely

I’ve written about the dangers of stairs in previous posts but, if I’m honest, it’s a drum worth banging! Here are some stats for you from the HSE:

– Slips, trips and falls have a combined estimated number of working days lost of 1.3 million (slips and trips: an estimated 940,000 working days lost; falls: estimated 374,000 working days lost.)

– Slips, trips & falls were responsible for more than half of all major (53%) and almost a third of over-3-day (29%) injuries to employees, making up 34% of all reported injuries to employees. (RIDDOR)

– More than a quarter of reported over-3-day injuries to employees involved a slip, trip or fall (29%) in 2011/12. The great majority of these were slips and trips (83%). (RIDDOR)

– Falls from height and slips & trips showed different seasonal variations. More slips & trips were reported in autumn and winter and more falls from height reported in spring and summer in 2011/12.

– The winter/autumn increase in slips and trips probably reflects weather conditions, such as slippy ground surfaces resulting from snow, rain and ice.

(source –

This just relates to workplace incidents – imagine the figures if you added slips, trips and falls around the home?

How do I reduce the risk?

I’ve talked about Stair Tread Covers and Anti-Slip Decking Strips elsewhere in the blog. As we approach the autumn and winter months and face the prospect of rain, ice and (if the recent trends continue) heavy snow, it is important to act as early as possible to reduce the risk and, in turn, your exposure to financial penalty due to accidents.

A quick, simple but effective way to increase safety on stair is the use of stair nosing. Whilst the tread covers cover the entire tread the nosing, as it would suggest, covers the most vulnerable part of the step – its nose.

The idea is simple – it gives anti-slip confidence where it is needed most and dependent on the colours you chose also gives a contrasting edge to the step giving high visibility to the user. You can even get them with a luminescent finish which looks yellow in daylight but in darkness glows green.

They can be fitted on to any type of existing step – whether they are concrete, timber, checker plate or grated steel and it couldn’t be simpler!



The nosings can be customised to the clients specified width and fixings holes pre-drilled prior to delivery.

They are available in 2 sizes – 55 x 55mm or 70 x 55mm if a slightly deeper coverage is required on the tread. In both sizes the front edge is tapered to remove any trip hazard.

The anti-slip stair nosing is also DDA compliant and the anti-slip surface complies with BS7976









From the website…….

Our Stair Nosings are manufactured from corrosion resistant Glass Reinforced Plastic (Fibreglass)

A hard-wearing Silicon Carbide Grit is applied to the top surface to provide an effective ANTI SLIP finish, which outperforms conventional aluminium or rubber material in terms of slip resistance.

Stair tread covers, Landing Covers and nosing can be cut to your required dimensions, with fixing points, pre-drilled and counter-sunk prior to despatch. Conventional mechanical fixings are all that are required to secure the stair tread covers, nosing and landing covers to the substrate, the application of a suitable, high strength gap filling adhesive will provide additional benefits.

The high strength gap filling adhesive represents a second line of defence in the event of mechanical fixing failure, as well as providing an effective cushion between the cover and the substrate, which reduces the “drumming” or vibration between the two layers.

For more information on this, or any of our safety products, visit


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