How to make your slippery decking safe

Although a common alternative to a patio, timber decking comes at a price – and I’m not talking financially. As soon as a little bit of rain hits the surface it becomes more suited to a rendition of The Bolero than a pleasant location for a summer BBQ. It’s a common misconception that it’s the rain that causes the issue whereas it’s actually the fungus that grows on the surface of the decking boards, combined with the water that makes it so treacherous.

To keep the fungus away, a regular, labour intensive cleaning schedule is required. Brushing, to remove the surface dirt; pressure washing to remove the offending growth and spraying to slow down its return. On a decking area in full sun you might get away with it twice a year but on a shady decking not even this will be enough but there is another option.

An excellent alternative to all of this hard work is the installation of GRP Convex Decking Strips. Just 50mm wide they sit snugly in the middle of a decking board and simply screw down on your existing decking. They come in black, beige or yellow and are quick and easy to fit. If preferred you can even lay them for the wetter periods and take them up again in the summer if you want your decking exposed for those sunny days!

There are a few basic rules to adhere to when decided how you want the strips configured on your decking. For instance, who uses it? It may sound a little strange but if you have children using the decking regularly you may want to have the strips closer together to ensure their little feet will make contact with the anti slip strips to keep them safe (for example – every board) where as if it’s just adults using it then every other board may suffice. You will also need to consider the predominant direction of the foot traffic so you can ensure that the boards are laid across the ‘path’ that people will walk. The diagram below gives an example.

DeckSafe offer a number of free services that will help make the job quick and simple. Firstly, we’ll help you calculate your requirement and design your layout. Once this is done and you are happy with your configuration we’ll cut the strips to your required lengths and pre-drill the fixing holes so all you need to do when they arrive is grab a power driver (or a manual screwdriver if you wish!) and screw them down.

If the strips are going down permanently we would recommend that you use an adhesive along with the screws, just for added security, but if you want the flexibility of being able to take them up and re-lay them then screws alone will be fine.

The anti-slip properties are created with the addition of a quartz grit top surface which will give you all the grip you need – even in the dampest of British summers and harshest of winters! What’s more the strips have a convex finish which means they will not create a trip hazard once they are laid.

091213_0839_Howtomakeyo4.jpg 091213_0839_Howtomakeyo5.jpg

Aesthetically the strips can breathe new life into your decking and come in black, beige or yellow depending on whether you want them to blend or contrast, and from a maintenance point of view a quick once over with a pressure washer if the kids have brought their muddy shoes onto the deck will soon have them sparkling again!

So whether it’s icy or wet – your family and friends will stay on their feet when they visit!

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