How to tackle slippery stairs

With personal injury claims reaching an all time high, and the average pay out slips, trips and falls on the increase, we need to do all we can to make our work places and public access area’s safe.

Stairs are notoriously dangerous in any conditions but add a little water, frost, snow or even just wear and tear and the chances of accidents increase dramatically. One quick, easy and relatively economic way of combating this risk is through the installation of stair tread covers.

These tread covers are made from a highly resilient product known to the trade as GRP (which to the layman is fibreglass) which has many sought after characteristics. For starters it is lightweight yet has a very high strength to weight ratio meaning it is hard wearing and durable. It also boasts chemical resistance, low flame spread and is non corrosive.

The feature that makes it the ideal solution for your slippery stair issue though is the angular cut quartz grit top surface which gives it a BS7976 approved anti slip properties giving it ‘superior slip resistance in wet, oily or icy conditions’.

Where can I fit them?

They can be fitted onto existing wooden stairs using standard wood screws; concrete stairs with a standard rawl plug and screw combination and steel plate steps using self tapping screws. Grated steel steps can be upgraded easily enough by fixing with a dome washer and nut/bolt. In fact – they can be fitted to any existing step. In any instance a gap filling adhesive should be applied before screwing them down to give a little extra security and also to prevent any ‘bounce’ in the step caused by and uneven substrate.



Standard Sizes

Tread Depth – 345mm

Length – 3660mm

Nose – 55mm

Thickness – 4mm


Due to the ease of cutting the material customisation is quick and easy (we offer this free of charge through our workshop too!) and the fixing holes can be made using a high speed steel drill bit.


Not everybody wants the same colour scheme and although the black with the contrasting yellow nose is popular they are also available in black with a white nose or solid Yellow, Beige or Grey. However, with the application of a coloured resin coat almost any colour is achievable!

So – with products like these on the market there is simply no excuse for letting your stairs get to a point when they are dangerous and expose your staff, and the general public, to the risk of potentially life changing injury (and you to potentially life changing financial penalties).

For more information on this, and all of our anti slip safety products, visit us at:



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